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Spending on cloud software, services and platforms is set to grow a further 17.9 percent in 2019, according to Gartner. But with such fierce competition to deliver the services that enterprises and consumers need, when and how they need it, digital must innovate to stay ahead.

Creating new and differentiated products and services, reducing the cost of infrastructure overheads and optimizing performance to deliver the best possible customer experience, are all potential routes to success. But which path is right for you? Discover the path to innovation success that best suits your business. Answer three multiple choice questions to generate a personalized report on the steps you can take to master innovation today.


1. What category best describes your business?

Select One
Consumer Services: Digital media / entertainment, Gaming, Messaging and Social media checked
B2B Software as a Service: Business-to-business software and Enterprise SaaS checked
Infrastructure as a Service: Compute provision, Regional or edge services, Hosting / Storage services and File sharing checked
Platform as a Service: Analytics and Database checked

2. What is your most pressing business priority?

Select up to three
Build new products, services or solutions checked
Differentiating your business to gain a competitive advantage checked
Optimize your technology and processes for efficiency and total cost of ownership (TCO) checked
Improve profitability and increase market share checked
Keep pace with your competitors’ innovation checked

3. What are your most critical technology concerns?

Select up to three
Data and infrastructure security checked
Keeping up with data storage demands checked
Improving network performance checked
Optimizing for critical workloads (AI, HPC, analytics) checked
Efficient media, graphics or transcoding delivery checked
Managing third-party cloud or technology providers checked

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